SPAR is giving away £50,000 in support of School Sport’s Days

GB Hurdler, Marli Jessop, was most confident at school during Sports Day and PE. So, we’re giving away £50,000 so your children can have the best Sports Day this year!

Apply for a £200 grant for your school here:

Sports have always been an important part of school life and it is more important than ever that we invest in providing our schools with the resources they need to make sure that our children are active and engaged.

We are offering a grant to support UK schools in hosting their own sports day. With this grant, you can win the necessary sports kits for your local school and help create an active and engaging environment for your pupils.

To be eligible for this grant, you must tell us why you want the grant and how it will help your local school become more active. We want to hear from you about how this grant will benefit your pupils and how it will help them stay active during their time at school. 

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